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Land Rush

Land Rush

Andrew Duhon

I let my fear of the coming sunrise
Chase me clear to California
Found a town between two mountains
Where I make my bed for now
Found work with a family friend
As a temporary ranch hand
While the winds that whip around me
Do their best to settle me down
But I’ll wait it out
Ain’t no settling for settling down
If there’s a land rush, I’m gonna chase it to the sea
Oh I got to believe that it’ll all work out
I got to believe a change will come around
If there’s a land rush, I’m gonna chase it to the sea
Yea and I’m gonna settle the land
The land ain’t gonna settle me
Who knew these towns named after saints
Could be so good to the sinners
And if I make it through the winter
Won’t this place feel more like home
Still my mind it wanders back to the house that I grew up in
Don’t the sleepy sounds of sweet home rest easy on my soul

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