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In the Wind

In the Wind


Some of us have to part earlier than others
'cause the Lord loves them so much that he calls them home
or maybe they don’t understand the way life treats them, they let bitterness
defeat them, 'til the sickness kills their body and their gone.
Either way, dead or alive we’re just the same let’s keep on moving in the name
of those that had to part we all go one fine day, yet we stay alive in
somebody’s heart
And when they talk 'bout us they’ll say
Now you’re in the wind
Now you’re in the trees
Now you’re everything you ever wanted to be
Now your heart is light
And your soul is free
Now you’re every river that runs towards the sea
And when you feel like your time has come don’t be afraid — don’t be afraid
'cause you will realize, you’re really just going home, don’t hesitate — don’t
See there are others that have gone this way before and they’ll be waiting for
Your heavenly father will be waiting at the door
To be the one that guides you through you will see you will be
You’ll be in the wind
You’ll be in the trees
You’ll be everything you ever wanted to be
Your heart will be light
Your soul will be free
You’ll be every river that runs towards the sea
You’ll be the wings of the hummingbird
You’ll be the paper the pen and the poets' words
You’ll be the stars that shine through the night
You’ll be a smile and a tear in my eyes
You’ll be the road that leads to freedom
You’ll be the queen honeybee in the middle of her queendom
You’ll be the center of the storm
And I hope you will be there when I’m coming home
Yeah I hope you will be there when I’m coming home
And we’ll be in the wind
We’ll be in the trees
We’ll be everything we ever wanted to be
Our hearts will be light
Our souls will be free
We’ll be every river that runs towards the sea

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