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Kristoff Krane

I feel what’s beneath my feet every time I spin around
Fast enough to touch my teeth to the clouds and please the sky
Rock bottoms never easy but at least I tried
To reach the top of what has beat me into pieces all my life
Your conviction in destructive angles makes me paralyzed
The airy breathe you burry deep invaded sterile paradise
Out inside I shout and yell and scream so loud the silence sleeps with one eye
Open feed the doubt until belief can free emotion out
The deepest sea mixed with bleech will bleed all over everything
Atleast you had the decency to make believe in making love
I am empty
It’s okay, cuz I know that you’re empty too
And life is full of beautiful mistakes that help me see you new
I’d like to see you through to the other side
But the older form that you possess disguised in flesh deceived my eyes
My mind is made of matter
I know its doesn’t matter
There’s no denying that the tears taste like faulty chain reactions
I bow to queen
Who believes in service
But who has no servants cuz she sees the people when their hurting
And what’s the use in fighting when you’re already hurt and your forced to hide
What you know you truly don’t deserve
The sky is never clear
When you’re born with cloudy eyes and thrown into a world
Where fear becomes a motive to survive
I really would of liked to enjoy the ride with you
But instead I stayed behind with the boy
Cause I was tired
I never should of played with toys
To avoid the issue that grows everytime I cultivate the soil trying to fix you
Why are you still caught in winter, summers here
So shut your eyes
Butterflies will always dissapear
To keep our love alive
For time is only wasted
When justified by reasons head
Guilt is only useful if it turns into a peaceful death
I leave a mess and abandon obligation
Like it’s a secret
Each breathe is just one step closer toward the absence of completion
I’ll tell you a secret
If you promise not to keep it
Every label you’ve been given
Is a shadow drowning in denial
Paddle slower swallow anecdote, clozapine, lithium
Sorta social gram jammed in opinion
Smile quarter hour past due date
Due to the abuse and the overuse of toothache
Don’t forget about the root, skip stem
Now give me that, Jack…
Listen hear sucker
Give your pills and slick measuring stick to another
Back to the point at hand
Yes, I’ve been better so I won’t be back
Now chase me out of this institute
With a bottle of guilt and your lonely trap
I’m through
Everyone of you has done nothing but manipulate me
And make me think that I can not survive
In the outside world that I once knew
But now that you try to see me
You try to make my doubt grow, grew
But that is not the way that you’re suppose to handle it
So now that you can see the flame
Do you understand the candles lit
Yes it is, don’t ever try to test your evidence to me
Because your measuring stick is not what I am looking at
Blame Blame
I blame the rest of us for the evidence that messed us up
And gave us this whole method of defense mechanism that we never trust
So be on your way
Be who I wish you’d be so I can be me and be free
Where I am
When I look in and out its always the same thing
Now leave me alone
Let me go and leave me
Come back, I love you mom and dad
But everytime you visit me
Company turns back into the point of the perspective that I had
The day that the chemicals inside
My head went crazy and made me mad
Sometimes It does make me wonder
How long humanities been in a state of mutation
Waiting for mother nature to nurture her baby
And give it the proper you name
It, information
Wrong information
Never had a flotation device
Will we ever see shore again
Cause I know land underneath these feet
Would feel so nice
Pangaea, please don’t leave us
We have done everything under the sun
To forget who we are
Or where we are or going
Why it is we are here or where we came from
And I’m better
Betting on faith
Then hiding away
And pressing force
Quit there’s always a lesson to be learned
Plus here no escaping primal
Reality reinforcements
No matter which direction you turn
She says that she can sense the storm
Before it even starts to pour and I believe her
Im a sucker for the thunder and its' roar
He says that he can sense the storm
Even when its sunny out
And she believes him too-
So they keep feeding one another’s doubt
But no one believes them
And that’s their biggest obstacle
They fell in love in a hospital bed
Anything’s possible

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