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Kristoff Krane

Kristoff Krane

Kristoff Krane

Walk around the town with a pissed off brain.
Naw, not really, I ain’t mean I’m nice.
I feed my machine kale beans and rice.
Used to find release in Jesus Christ,
Then I broke free, don’t believe the hype.
The type to take a poop on the devil,
Please, do forgive me for stooping to your level!
If you dig, then scoop here’s a shovel,
Either hit china or a dirty mud puddle.
Yeah, and there’s only one light,
Stuck at the end of the tunnel, I really don’t like.
Trying to put the pieces of the puzzle back together
Just to watch them all fall back all apart on my whole life!
Help, help, there’s a knife in my back
Looking forward to the time I died to myself in the past.
To hell with the trash!
You only get to Heaven if you recycle the message!
So I, so I? I fell then I laughed,
Trapped in a well full of gas and antidepressants
My family genetics was left with a shred of evidence
That deadened the senses and affected the perception
It’s only a matter of time before we clearly remember it
Slowly climbing a ladder to the sky of where forever lives.
Carborator stained cuz the driver let it idle
Passenger up in the back thinking about survival,
Someone take the reins before they take us to a Ohio
And pretend we’re in Atlantis, and brand us with a smile.
The cameras are flashin now, I wanna pack my shit up
Move back to Kansas, now tap three times.
And hey, they say hip hop’s changed
Why? cause you’re listening the Kristoff Krane!
Someone once asked me if I sniffed cocaine
I took a deep breath and said ick, no way!
It’s no worse than getting gold chains
Drivin to the club, trying to get more dames,
I rather get knocked out, backwards,
World flipped upside down yelling it’s OK
To the actors and actresses who do just that, act,
You lack the passion it’s about time to set it straight,
Cause you’ve been holding it wrong the whole time
Now it’s all bent waiting for the right time to die
And I, I don’t need to name no names
You know who you are and I hope you feel ashamed
I can tell that you don’t feel happy when you smile
Cause the music that you makes like stealing candy from a child
See, I rather hear somebody talk about guns
If that’s the life that they came from and
Something that they’ve actually done
While you sit and criticize, and talk about love in a
Manipulative manner like «Lifes about having fun.»
I refuse to take pride in where I’m from
Cuz even if you’re talking about Earth,
You’re still forgetting about what’s above, beyond,
Like a pawn whose been shoved right infront
Of a king in the ring with no gloves on
You got no guts, so how’s your brain 'gon stomach it?
You’re so afraid to innovate, you recreate what others did
Now I know why you won’t give me props
Cause you think that I’m a threat to your pretty, pretty plot.
But it’s all good were in the same pot,
And as the heat rises we’ll see who makes it to the top.
Hello nobody name’s Kristoff Krane
Walk around town with a pissed off brain
Not really I aint I mean I’m nice.
Feed your machine kale beans and rice!
If you try once and fail then try it twice
Eat a piece of ginger, ninja tonight
Walk across city scape, run into the woods,
Everything you though you did, but you never could.
Ay, hip hop’s changed!
Play the guitar, Kristoff Krane!
Even if you can only play C, to F, to G, okay.
Hey, say this will work for now
Go pick flowers, by a dead cow

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