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Crush Your Life

Crush Your Life

At War

Here he comes again with hateful lust to take you down
No sympathy angry disdain for your lower form
Disgusted with your sexy touches into seek revenge
No one knows why he goes out on this demeaning binge!
Crush your life! (4x)
Deceiving them into his tangled wretched web
That he’s been weaving silently just for his prey!
This one’s no different in his eyes they’re all the same
He thinks his next victim is led astray!
When they’re scared to death; pleading help he takes a breath
And feels fulfilled getting what he’s looking for!
His climax comes knowing he’s proved to her forever
That he’s the last man that she will ignore!
You’ll never change his ways
Your belittlement will save his day!
No matter what is done his kind exists!
Don’t underestimate his cruelty!
No morals in this form of sanity!
He lives to feed on fright!
A cloud of hate follows him where ever he may go!
Many have fallen fate to him more than you’ll ever know!
His success in mental torture makes him grow stronger!
Walking down to town; menaced mind his list gets longer!
He’s here to stay make no delay fight back defend
Yourself if you think you’re ready to take him on!
His seductive bout is hard to filter out
It’s easy to believe him he’s a practiced con
He wants to traumatize first he’ll mesmerize
Next force you to concede then fall to evil will!
Terror trained no mercy brained he’d too far gone
To bring around the final step he needs to make the kill!

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