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Kodak Black Mike Smiff WizDaWizard

I been tryna let you niggas know
Like I’m dyin', tryna live, kill the game like I did before
I got the whole gang drunk, got 'em in the
I was sleeping' on the bunk, eating' Sloppy Joes
You could tell I’m from the North, tell I’m gettin' dough
I been damned if I don’t, pull up in a Ghost
I done been ran it up, been with the stacks
I done been leveled up, been have the sack
Like I been here before, spittin' truth, facts
I’ve done been there before and I ain’t goin' back
I’ve done been there before playin' with them scraps
It ain’t nothin' to get you touched, nothin' to get you whacked
They put my niggas in the dirt and they ain’t comin' back
I got a hunnid on me now and I ain’t talkin' racks
I done been in that field playin' with the steel (Rrrah)
Outside with that Glizzy, it’ll make your brains spills
He’s a soldier (Oh, oh, oh, oh)
He’s spittin' on everything (Oh, oh, oh)
He’s a vulture
Murder, murder, kill, kill, all the niggas hollerin' (Rrah)
If lil' Kodak say he get ya best believe I got ya (On God)
I’m tryna run that money up, I’m tryna break the bank (Run it up)
I’m tryna run the mills up and stash it in the safe
I’m a vulture in that field, I be layin' low (Rrah)
This my only way out so I gotta glow (Let's go)
Tryna have the gang drank, got 'em in the
Free lil' Kodak 'til he home, bitch, I’m pressure, though
I’m really livin' like this, niggas knowin' that (Ayy)
I’m out in the middle of the jungle, where it’s snowin' there
You better keep your head on a swivel, gotta know how to play (For real)
Dawgs just got out the feds, now he up outta here
Stuff some molly in those Newports, he got his body (Huh)
I’m movin' 'round with that toolie, nigga, know I got it (Huh)
My nigga Mark got indicted, that was the money man (Man)
The money gone, now the hood turnt to Zombie Land (Lah)
These lil' bitches sellin' pussy for the thirty piece
These niggas droppin' bodies like they never heard of peace
Niggas stood over Duke, shot him in his face (Uh)
When you been through what I been through it be hard to pray (For real)
Get a lawyer, ten K and still lost the case (Lah)
Jumped in the game and understood the risks that we would take (Facts)
Ran down on the opp, the .40 jammed on me (Damn)
I say, «Damn, boy, somebody must be playin' for homie"(For real)
Had my shell, hustle down, but him hard body
Go to my hood and ask about me, they gon' tell ya (They gon' tell ya)
Young and body full of tattoos, the war wounds (Ayy)
Young and got it out the mud, and he refuse to lose (Lah)
Say he’s a warrior (Oh)
He can do anything (He can do anything, oh)
Say he’s a vulture, he can fly (He's a vulture)
He can do anything (He can do anything, anything)
See I’m a vulture, hear my cry (I'm a vulture)
He is a warrior

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