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My Woman

My Woman

Ball Greezy

I like this one, yeah, uh
Let’s get it bae, let’s get it bae, I appreciate ya boo
Let’s turn this house into a happy home
Let me cater to you baby all night long
Tell me bout ya day while I rub ya feet
I got ya dinner on the stove when ya wanna eat
Baked chicken and yellow rice with the mixed reds
When you ready got your nightgown on the bed
Bath and Body Works got you smellin' fruity
We ain’t gotta have sex we can watch a movie
Until you fall asleep I know my baby tired
You can take your wig off and set it to the side
Hella kisses on the cheek when ya go to sleep
Thank the Lord for the blessings that he gave me, yah
Your my, I’m your woman
Your my, oooh yeah
Your my, I’m your woman
Your my, oooh yeah
From here on out I’ma put you first
Cause now I understand what you really worth
Forgive me for the times that I told you lies
And failed as a man right there by your side
If I could do it all again I won’t change a thang
Hopin' one day in the future I could change ya name
Baby you mean a whole lot to me
And you show me every time you get on top of me
I appreciate the times that you took me back
When I let a thot bitch take me off track
And all you ever wanted was to see me happy
And for the record I just love it when you call me zaddy
I know it’s hard when you dealin' wit a street nigga
Outspoken and heart broken from these weak niggas
As long as my heart pumpin' I’ma keep it comin'
I thank God I found heaven in the form of a woman
You nahmsayin'
Your my, I’m your woman (My woman)
Your my, Oooh yeah (My number one, my number one)
Your my, I’m your woman (My woman)
Your my, oooh yeah (My number one, my number one)
Ha I can’t sang baby, but I sang to you though

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