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JL Tech N9ne

Feed, feed
Feed, watch 'em bleed
Feed, feed
Feed, all I need
I’m so hungry, you don’t want to hear this stomach growl
Grind so strongly, true you gonna fear this one is wild
Gonna pray that I stop
When the known threat show
All the ways that I lock
And I won’t let go
To Hell you go
When I come at you I yell Cujo
'Cause I rip you the fuck apart like the mail you open
With a nail you grow
You try to bail too slow
I chop 'em up and package 'em then I sell mucho
They tried to get away and fell through so
If you smell zoo though I’m comin' to quell you bro
When I make a person my dinner like I’m El Cuco
I eat 'em like insalata, I lead 'em right into Allah
I bleed 'em once I meet 'em, run ta freedom or into lava
When the shotta holla, jotter hotter than Guatemala
I’m T’Challa father
Not a maga, the Baba Yaga
Saliva dripping
Eyes are picking the idiot that standing by the kitchen
I try to quicken
Rigor mortis, the nigga ordered to die, you gettin'
Knives are stickin', N9na kill 'em with my precision
I’ma feed off of anything moving, the N9na looking
I’ma eat, drink, and be merry
Eater for any king ruling I know he shook enough
And we thinking he scary
I’m 'bout to sic 'em, I’m rippin' this style colder
The wild cobra, dead another without closure
The way you knowing your life and your route’s over
The foul soldier shape shift into Malebolgia
Feed, feed
Feed, watch 'em bleed
Feed, feed
Feed, all I need
I’ve become my fear
My cross I bear and don’t care to clarify
I can scare you more than any goon would ever dare try
Tell your baby, nobody catch a diverted plot
Stirred crazy, apply the pressure and stir the pot
Never faze me, why would I let you, you’re a bot
You see they doubt you, don’t need a stretcher, they need a mop
Their slit is gushing, the killer crushing, get rid of fussing
Shit are flushing, the blood spilled and the liquor was in
Grip to touch it, was givin' up the Bourbon gluten
I’ma hit the button, you triggered something that lit the oven
Hidden figure big enough to reconsider rushing
But I get to bussing and you get word of a big eruption
Then to hushing, the jig is up and the lip is tucking
Give you the way that’s never fit in, I couldn’t adjust it
On a psycho-path
Get to screwing up everything like a carpenter
I be scared of myself dead ass
Even ruin our lot like a card dealer
Pray to God that I never worship a golden calf, nigga
But the demons I battle be kinda getting to me
Shuddering at the shutter that’s in a photograph
Pixelated the bigger picture was looking to me
But I keep snapping
Spur of the moment, cinematic, I been erratic
What you seen happen
Into lifefully chaotic, we men of havoc
I’m like David Chappelle with the crack sprinkling
Never sleeping like I’m resisting a rest, nigga
Thought I’m failing, compelling 'em, oughta think again
I’m too determined, I’m turning, I’m twisting necks, nigga
Feed, feed
Feed, watch 'em bleed
Feed, feed
Feed, all I need

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