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This Time

This Time

Church Boi JL

When I touch this subject
It doesn’t rewind
Thankful that mine isn’t up yet
Spend so much of it tryin' make this timeless
I look up and we was big timers
They say
Welcome to Strangeland
Exit the change man
Could’ve been in a casket or paddy wagon with restrained hands
I feel like I’m right at home bro
Findin' my way on the open road
Stressed that I make niggas overload
Every obstacle overthrown
Really gets at us
We only beginnin'
Ain’t got what I want but I’m near it
For years I was tellin' my homies and family
I just need someone to hear it
Wish I was sharin' this moment with my dead
Once I know that Zoo’s here in spirit
Until I’m dead and gone
Or can no longer perform
No stoppin' me, period
Lookin' back I dig the muddy grave of this
I may recall I made it out of there, I’m permanently dedicated
And because of that my creative control
Did it gets excited, every incident was unrelated
No relaxing, I’m only headed out after I know I said it
Would not let it out, I set to elevate it
A distraction, created in the mirrors
The enemy, don’t let it be the reason that you hesitated
I’ve come a long way from that booth in the basement
I made with a mattress
Or the mic in the hallway closet
Hit record, you could hear the door when the track hits
Hope some are on a tracklist, take it somewhere
Ready to go in and grab it backwards
On a high hope that lasts us
When it casts us in the judgemental eyes of the masters
The fact is that it takes time
I’ve been busily tryna make time
Game face cuts this game time
Never have enough to waste time
Hit my momma on the FaceTime
Where we livin' ain’t the same time
Talked to some homies today and one told me
That he almost gave up a week ago
Was a reminder to me to decide to
Count on me more than I even know
One nigga said to me ought to be wanted from me
You so need to be reachable
Called me to talk to somebody
And I could tell that conversation was needed so
Can’t keep on saying I’ll ring hello
Try to respond text messages
Don’t like it, but the impression is
Niggas will fall through the crevices
Connection lost out of negligence
Act like I know I’mma never flinch
And feel like it’s been a few Presidents
How long it’s been? I’m bad with measurements
Wish I had
Yeah, yeah, oh
Time, time
Time, oh yeah
Oh time
Not enough time, oh
Oh time
Time, time
Oh not enough time
Just a matter of time
Time, time
Talkin' bout time
All time, all time
Time, time
Not enough time
Just a matter of time
Time, time, yeah
Time, time

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