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Don't Hold Back

Don't Hold Back

Cristina Martínez Jon Spencer Solex

Yeah, you got a choice
You don’t have to start no fires
You don’t have to apologise
(That's alright)
You don’t have to tell me why
I’m not out yet until I die
I’m going to fly
You don’t have to bake my bread
Love you till the day I’m dead
Baby let me tell you now
You don’t have to throw it down
You don’t need to do that
You don’t have to get wasted
I’m down on my knees
You don’t have to apologise
I’ll love you till the day I’m dead
I’m not out yet until I die
Save it baby, save it
You don’t know how I crave it
Baby won’t you realise?
I got you till I die
(Funky snacks)
You don’t have to hold back
(Crackers, like Spanish salami in Harlem)
(What's that?)
I’ll cherish your way
(Yeah, you don’t need to hold that)

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