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Just Enough Rope

Just Enough Rope

Suzy Bogguss

You thought I was dangerous, I thought you were cool
I met you in a parking lot one day after school
We didn’t have no money, we didn’t have no sense
You jumped in beside me, and then we jumped the fence.
We had just enough gas to get to Memphis
Just the right song playing on the radio
Just enough highway to push the limit
You and me baby and just enough rope
Oh, just enough rope
Barely hangin’on, barely in control
You and me baby and just enough rope
I was wild about you, you gave me your heart
We made a solemn promise to never be apart
Days turned into months yeah, we were runnin’free
You and me together and baby makes three
We had just enough pride to think we’d make it Just enough ride to know the way to go Just enough time to find a preacher
We tied the knot with just enough rope

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