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John Lennon

John Lennon


They locked my brother up, I’m just gettin' word
Hundred grand on ten percent, shit absurd
'Round here trial and error, you go’n live and learn
Judge said at the hearing I’m the illest ever heard
Now I’m back on the corner cause I gotta eat
Gotta get my brother home, mama can’t sleep
I know I’m hungry and we struggling so It’s now or never
Hoodie on, before the night over; rob a nigga
Hammer under my belt, this ain’t nothing I’m used to
I gotta learn to fend for myself
It’s the first thing I resorted to, The violence
The drug dealing, at least I’m honest
Lot things on my agenda
Run the streets all week
And who knows what I’mma find
I ain’t go to college
Prevented my own Columbine
I always say they should thank me
Now I gotta go get mine
Don’t ask why I’m angry
Fuck the law, they crossed the line
(Verse Two: Spark Master Tape)
And if I met my killer
Ask him why the hell I had to be a drug dealer
With a strap in the brawl
This niggas in the bar with
A bottle that’s bad as my livers
Bullet holes for the bang
Pull up slow, unload the with the gang
In the game that’s cuffed to the devil
And the damn sour heir snorts cocaine
My eyes bleed, and my nose gone
Ride that shot that coke run
We live, lick it up lick a shot
Little do it take for a lick, let it off
Let it be sky malls, or my hole in hell
I ride for my homes in jail
I’m pushin' through my hood
When amp in the lab what’s good?
You see, my mama blame spark
For the shells that took my brother
On that day she said I failed
Stuck with a bottle of some empty shells
Never gave a fuck, killa payin' no bail
We burn that, force the crime, man we earn that
We the last to die, man we burnin'
Hell bound killa, hella hell down brother
Now most them foul bitches livin' well now, watch gone
Clean the car, get the smell out, I’m on
We sqwabin' them pigs out, and bump
We spark, we move and we march, but we be smokin'

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