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The Mad Monk

The Mad Monk


In Yukatan, or in some country like it
There went a man, he was a crazy mystic
And in the sky he saw a way
He heard a voice singin a song
All about it
He saw the Path, it made him laugh…
No ego fuss-so obvious-who could doubt it!
He giggled and laughed all day…
Wuz nothing that he could say…
What more can I tell you?
Bout the mad monk he don’t shake no tit
Just him and the One Love: That’s IT!
Mad monk he’s a dancing soul
Don’t need no guru to take control
Lafta yoga show me the way!
Lafta yoga show me the way!
Lafta yoga make me my day!
Don’t gimmee that olde time religion!
No Lucifer no moral correction!
No denomination, no confusion, no persuasion
No holy roller bogeyman no way!
If you want direction, you better listen to
The inner tuition, get on an inner mission!
Whatcha doin' in the sin bin hey?
Havin more fun than anyone ain’tcha?
And you think you, re dabblin with danger don’tcha!
But if ya listen to the mad monk
You know what he, ll tell yoo?
Whatever turns you on can be your teacher
But only if you want it bad, you gotta be mad!
You must have had a proper gutful of propaganda
To under-overstand what the mad monk means
When he hits you with the lafta yoga…
You wanna know what lafta yoga is?
Erhh herh herh ha ha ha hahhahhahhaa. whooh hooh hah
Whooh hoo haah ha ha ha ha hah haaaa!
Back in Mississippi, back in the bible belt…
A mystic Walter Mitty, but one who was free of guilt!
Him an, 'is One Love, he who would shake no tit!
The Klu Klux Klan might turn him into tuna melt!
Lafta yoga show me the way!
Lafta yoga make me my day!

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