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Kiki's Song

Kiki's Song


Up in the clouds I am free
I am open
The start of a life on my own
Way down below
Little town, full of people
People that I’d like to know
With a peck on the cheek
And a bag full of pastries
The goodies I bring on the bend
One last goodbye
And a turn to my family
All waving like birds on the fence
Oh I make my way down
With a smile, to the market
Saying good morning
Good day
But oh, when I wake up alone
There are tears on my pillow
No use in dreaming today
But I’m wild
I am free
Like a fire in the dark
I am turning the key
And in time
I will see
I have everything I want
I have all that I need
Like a leaf
In summer dreams
I’m floating back to you
Lay with me
In melodies
All humming back for you

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