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The Black Flame

The Black Flame


Withdraw Thy Phallus Baboui
Open the Gates of the Duat
For I am Burning in Aataakhu
Chains Bind Me
Flames Encircle Me
And Burn My Flesh
For Me the Gates Shall Open
Over the Fire of the Spirit
The Breath Drawn by the Gods
Arise Apophis Return
That I Might Return
Borne by the Flame
Drawn by the Gods Who Clear the Way
That I Might Pass
The Gods Which Sprang from the Drops of Blood
Which Dripped From
The Phallus of Set
That I might be Reborn
For I am Khetti Satha Shemsu
Seneh Nekai
And Will Become Set of a Million Years
Akhu Amenti Hekau
I Shed My Burnt Skin
And am Renewed

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