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Supreme Humanism of Megalomania

Supreme Humanism of Megalomania


I asset my claim of umcompromising empowerment
I am like as unto Atum lord of all
Whose spontaneous self generation
Led to the appearance of the earliest gods
And thus the material universe
There is none higher
I appear in glory as that god
Who eats men and lives on the gods
As sun god I am reborn
From the womb od the sky goddess nut
Her aching body is the sky
Her nakedness the skin on which the stars rest
I am AtumKhepri who came into being of himself
I am he who opened a door in the sky
Who rules from his throne and adjudgeth those who are born
I am the horned bull who rules the sky
Lord of celestial appearings
The great illuminator who came forth from fire
To hardness the years
I am the jackal of jackals
I am Shu who breathes air into the limits of sky and earth
I draw unto myself all the forces on the universe
I become not merely a god but the universe itself
I am alone in making the transformation from man into god
I am released from this world of servile obligation
To false temporal power who claim to be divine

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