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The Gods Who Light Up the Sky At the Gate of Sethu

The Gods Who Light Up the Sky At the Gate of Sethu


The Great God cometh forth to the Gate
The gods who are therein acclaim Him
Guarded by sixteen UraeiStandeth the mummified form of Nemi
A Knife in his hands Swept by Flames of Fire
Come thou who art at the Horizon
Who Unveils the secret place And unfolds the Fathomless Depths of the Earth
Sethu the Hideous serpent stands on his tail
And guards the Way
Sayeth Sa
Rand thy Gate Tear open thy Portal Illuminate the darkness
The Gate Shuts behind ra
Uraei wail when the gate closes upon them
The Procession of Ra Incinerates the Sky
Until the God of the Hour a Star in each Hand
Horus the Hawk Headed
Sekhet the Lioness
The winged serpent Semi
Besi Receives the flame
Of a horned animal Transfixed by a knife
From the neck of The Serpent Ankhi
Grows the Skulls of the undead
The cries Raise their Hands in adoration
Uraei rear their heads
Unto Horus Set
Maketh thou a Rising up for Ra
In his hand is the fire from the head and upon the Horns
The weapon in the hand of the slayer is within the follower of the God
Those who cry unto Ra say
Enter in O Ra
Hail Come forth thou who art Born of the Underworld
Light up the Night sky Set ablaze a Conflagration that Sears the Firmament

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