The New Guest Who...

2MERICA 2010

Television will never be the same
we can make a series out of it
suicide of the week
hell, why limit ourself
execution of the week
terrorist of the week
I love it, suicides, assassination, mad bombers
mafia hit men, automobile smashups
the death hour got the wrong movie
[that's great]
ok, so now you got four pegs
you oughta be able to patch one together
from there, right?
let's go to the next one

ew, it's much worse than i thought...
ew, it's much worse than i thought...
ew, it's much worse than i thought...

Coming up next...
coming up we'll have the latest...
but up very next...
also ahead...
later up on the show...
so that's coming up next...

No one in my family is in show business,
the fact that i'm sitting here now
is like, really, like
it's just absurd
so what do you think
when should be begin?

Two american contractors:
uh, this is a situation
that could radically spin
out of control
not what we were lead to believe
pay to play
not a bad imitation
an upscale neighborhood of baghdad
two american contractors
it might make a good tv show, huh?

Two americans, next
we fairly and accurately report
what i believe to be the truth...
now your doctor has that proof
now! later on though
lying? he's clearly lying
lying? a live report
more on that when we come back

Two american contractors:
no word as to who has done it
please stay with us
say your piece!
please stay with us
oh yeah we're doing a follow-up
that's great stuff
the major thrust
great stuff
more on that when we come back
anytime i'm wrong i want folks to know it
we'll have all details coming up
in seven minutes...

The good news -
the weekend
oh yeah
there's just too much going on this weekend
there's a lot of stuff going on
hmm... profit margins?
profit margins