2Geez 2012

uhh..its 2Geezy..Slim Burna
Na who do the beat aii.

It's Friday night, we celebrate
so many chicks and drinks tonight, we jubilate
plenty money aii, come shake your body (oh oh)
Judi e bum bum kojo
bosi gbangba ka jo, eh eh eh aii (x2)

[Slim Burna]
See, we celebrating
we jubilating aii
we elevating, omo we accelerating
plenty plenty owo
many many motor
no time for tomorrow
pass me my alomo
I say, this one na my party
enter make we jolly
I go spray you money and my eyes don dirty

(Chorus x2)

[Verse 2]
See, put your hands up in the air
put your hands up, in the air
put your hands up in the air
and dance to this beat if you just don't care see
it's 2Geez alongside Slim Burna
heading for the top and we hot like fire,
hmmm, mo gbono feli feli
we the boys of the year we go pop champagne
we drop our style and the girls dem wine
so dance to this beat if you just don't care
baba God noni has given us the key to plenty money ehhh

(Chorus x2)

[Verse 3]
Hang out with us feel free
I was born being so proud of my pedigree
now I understand what it feel like to be here
yea 2Geez soldier but we never stand still
we all feeling good like irere ni,
that's my dialect where I'm from is andoni
see the reason why the girls be chasing we
'cos we deh cornerside dem like every week (every week)
Geez geez I was born to thrive
to the top of the game until we gain the fame yea we's out to fight
all we do is impress working hard but never pull a sweat cos we came to shine

(Chorus x2)