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Anita Baker

This heart of mine seldom lies you see
It’s often said you don’t care for me no more.
You took so long, how could you lead me on
Left me wondering where and how we went wrong.
Come on baby
Make it all right
My baby
Say it’s alright
Would you baby
It will be alright
If I could only see you
Won’t you please do this for me
Heart of mine please just let him go
Always knew you’d leave and many times I told you so
Yesterday it was when you walked out my door
Hopes and dreams of mine lay scattered on my floor
Holding on to your memory is what Iv’e done
Oh yeah holding on to my pillow is all Iv’e got
Ind the power of your thunder
Belongs to someone new
Is it any wonder I cry the whole night through
How we ever made it is a mystery to me
Fire and water were never meant to be

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