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Imperial Teen

Shake shake, va va voom vis a vis
Go go I do you, you do me
Take take I’ll call you sugarfree
Slow slow, I love you, you love me
Shake shake
Go go
Take take
Slow slow
And I can’t take any calls
I’m watching sun spots on the walls
I’ll never be your babydoll
Dig a hole
Chase a ball
I love Baby, Baby is a dog
What’s up, maybe Baby is a god
I’ve got Baby hot for rabies
Yes, no, maybe
To bringing up Baby
Twist twist, do si do vis a vis
Low low, hold your breath, I can breathe
High high, take a photo of me
Coco keep your head up Baby
Who are you I can’t recall
I’d rather be at the mall
In a robe and a platinum fall
I’m so thin, I’m so tall

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