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Lili Haydn

Live from day to the next day
Try to satisfy the cravings before they
Consume you
Colours are brighter
The world can excite you
When you’re under its spell
You can tell
All too well
That without it life would be hell
And time is passing you by
It marks no moment of your life
When you submit yourself to be numb
The fear disappears
And everything seems clear
When the emptiness is upon you
It fills you up like a balloon
And you float
High up over the real world
And think of when
You were a little girl again
Where would you go, baby?
What could you do?
Didn’t you hear, baby?
Nothing is sure but uncertainty
You can feel the hunger inside you
But the longing will no longer guide you onwards
Sinking into the floorboards
Where the rats eat at your will
And do it until
Your belly aches
And your soul will not be still
Wrench yourself from your demons
For far too long you’ve believed them
When they told you you were weak
Take a step in the tunnel
With the light 'round the bend
In the end
You can start to make amends
Who knows where you’ll go, baby
So much you could do!
Haven’t you heard, baby?
All will be well
If you want it to

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