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In the middle of the night as you come sneaking in right beside me
Thoughts of you with another man keep running in and out my head
But you gotta say your defense, my insecurities got me tense
And my body’s fooled, I’m reaching my breaking point with you
Don’t say I need to trust in us, cause all your trust is replaced by lust
For another man, tell me who, why, where, when
Regardless what you say, ain’t no more running from the truth, I know
They’re lies anyway
Everytime, you leave, baby
You hurting, me, baby
Do you think of me, baby
When you’re in his arms, you know I’m waiting for you at home
I can’t believe, baby
Gave you all of me
Have you, no, regrets, for all
The lies you told, nights you went out
Creeping on me, cheating on me
In the middle of the night, as I’m awaken by your cellphone ringing
Thoughts of you with another man keep running in and out my head
You take yourself to another room, I’m wondering who you talking to you
So quick to point the finger at me, but look at you
I invisioned better things for us, but I see you stray too far to Recapture
what we had, don’t understand how this happened
I’ve been running from the truth, but at this point I have no choice
There’s no room in my life for you
Mind goes back and forth
Don’t know much longer I can hold
On I feel it’s been a lie from the start
And it’s been a lie…
My heart can’t take no more
Leave the keys all out the door
I’m torn between two, cuz I’m
Still in love with you, baby…

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