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No need to explain, baby
I know you been going through your pain lately
Bullet in your brain, baby
Going insane, baby
Pharmaceuticals they be running through your veins, baby
I’m tryna get my- get my paper, baby
Not be a savior, baby
I know you going through it
I ain’t mean to break it, baby
Come to smoke, come chill for a little bit
But no chit-chat, girl, I’m not a fan of it
Yeah, baby, you’s a bad bitch
Get you a bag, girl
Anything I say you’ll be mad, girl
What’s going on in your mental?
You resemble some sort of devil
Don’t try to act like it angel
Relax and try to be playful
I gots to go on my journey
Smoke dope there no need to worry
Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah

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