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Baby Blue

Baby Blue

Sarah Geronimo

i’ve been holding back my heart for too long,
now it’s hypnotized, catching back by your smile.
it seems to take my breath away, everytime you go, i know,
something is wrong.
refrain 1:
time has come to give in to this feeling i try to deny.
deep inside i am crying,
i have to let go.
baby, baby blue…
the road isn’t clear,
i don’t want you near me no more.
baby, baby blue…
we’ve been here before,
and i just can’t take it no more.
my lonely soul is hungry for love,
i’m deloosevely, not complete on my own.
althogh i need you so desperately,
i see the lights in your eyes,
there’s nowhere to hide.
refrain 2:
you’re my true love companion,
but love isn’t here by my side.
don’t you hear my heart calling,
i’m tied up inside.
(repeat chorus)
i’ve been waiting for a miracle.
looking for a touch of an angel ashore.
i’ve been feeling so hovarable,
feel the same of a devil,
holdong my hand.
(repeat refrain 1 and chorus)
baby, baby blue…
if this is for real, then why do we keep running wild?
baby, baby blue…
i’m loosing control,
i feel like a mom and her child.
(repeat chorus)
then fade…

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