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Baby Boo

Baby Boo

Yemmy Smith

Your love dey shack me and e dey make me wonder/wetin I go do just to make you
dey see/i dey pray make no one put us assunder/
Cos I love you die/I gbadun you die/I fit climb Olumo just to prove my love to
you/I fit swim inside Osun river for you (for you)/E no matter what
The haters dey say/girl I love you/girl I choose you
My baby boo (my baby boo)/ My baby boo (my baby boo)/I don’t know what I’ll do
if I don’t have you by my side (by my side)/I don’t know what I’ll do if I
don’t have you by my side (by my side)/my baby boo (my baby boo) (2ce)
Baby girl i still dey on top your matter/you dey para, you dey argue but baby e
no matter/mesef I know say I get my own palaver/e no mean o (2ce)/ I dey pray
make you take me to your mama/as your love be like say e dey make me mara/hold
my hands make this love just dey sweet us dey go/sweater than honey,
more precious than
My baby boo…
It don’t matter what we do, how we fuss and fight/we can wither
Any storm if we choose to fight/girl I know say e no pure but we
Got the right/to protect our love and to set it right/I no
Know wetin I go do if I don’t have you/I no know how i dey live
Before I met you/you're the Angel of my life and i can’t lose you/
Omo ma lo jisoro o cos you’re
My baby boo… (till fades…)

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