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Baby Doc Holiday

Baby Doc Holiday


In my plane high up above I am thinking what did I do wrong
People just don’t understand I bet they gonna miss me when I’m gone
It’s not easy at the top the peasants are complaining all the time
If you make a small mistake 50. 000 people demonstrate
All they think about is money while our country’s going down the drain
I only took what I required now I’m on a Baby Doc holiday
I only brought them law and order and this is how they pay me back
But I’ve got everything I need got some money in a foreign bank
It’s hard to please everybody a few got lost along the way
Well if that’s the way they want it I’ll go for a Baby Doc holiday
Things were getting out of hand I was lucky to get out alive
I had to leave my Cadillacs the art collection and my favourite wife
Got a place in southern France as long as you’ve got money you’ve got friends
They haven’t seen the last of me I’ll be back and I will not forget
Goodbye I’m leaving for a while now but I’ll be back again some day
For anyone who tries to reach me I’m on a Baby Doc holiday

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