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Baby Come Over

Baby Come Over

Adina Howard

Here I sit alone on a Saturday night, feeling kinda horny.
Boy I did cool cos I’m missing you
But you’re so far away baby, and I need you here by my side
There’s so many kinky things we could do tonight.
Baby just a simple touch, the little things mean so much (to me)
I’ll do any thing for you, if you ask me to, I’ll be there for you.
And baby I know you got a woman at home, we can never be alone to me But it’s alright, cos all I need is tonight; come see about me.
Uuuhhhhhh … and we can do some kinky things
you know you want to Let’s take our time, baby lets take it nice and slow
Baby I’ll do you right, boy I’ll make it good to you
All I want to do is make sweet love to you
So don’t make me wait too long: Baby come over.

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