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Baby Come Home

Baby Come Home

John David Souther

Baby, come home
Something’s gone wrong
And daddy needs company
Deep in the night
When nothing feels right
Baby. come home to me
You were my queen
A little fool for a king
In the reign of misery
All this time has gone by
Dried these tears in my eyes
I’m still trying to smile at the memory…
…If you could trust me
Try to believe me
And listen to me when I way
When I say that love
Is a burning fire
And it will not fade away
Some people pray
Most every day
Some people wait and see
But deep in the night
When nearly nothing’s going right
You can hear them crying
Baby, come home…
…You been gone for so long
And I miss you still
You say you won’t be back
But I hope you will…
Baby, come home to me

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