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baby don't bother / spacebar

baby don't bother / spacebar

Steezy Pierce damn drone

Said he was my bro
Said he was my fellow
That boy an informant like Amazon Echo
XD might turn his brain into jello
Nah, damn drone
Nah, nah, nah, nah
Nah nah nah nah
That’s your hoe
Ay yeah, ha ha
Yeah, ha ha
Just spent 30k I’mma make it right back
Made a deposit pull up to the bank
Said he got guns but he got a shank
Was up in the cut with a knife at my neck
Need you more than that, need you a tank
Yeah we 20 deep, he stiff like a plank
Yeah smoking gelato, yeah smoking that dank
Mix a half and half cup for my drank
Prada my kicks, not even a flex
Just do it like Nike, sign off on these checks
Get your bands up yeah, get you some racks
She wanna' fuck cuz' she know I’m up next
Feel lik the Don, yeah I’m the Godfathr
She hitting me up I said baby don’t bother
She tryna' suck on the baby like bottle
Yeah all of this paper feel like I’m an author
AX50 yeah snipers on deck
Intervention yeah straight through your head
Alyx rig yeah right on my chest
My nigga you’re broke you’re still rocking Guess
Wait that was your hoe, no wonder you’re pressed
No I really don’t want her, yeah that bitch a mess
You talking bout' drama, keep that to yourself
If you ain’t talking money then you can say less
Said he was my bro
Said he was my fellow
That boy an informant like Amazon Echo
XD might turn his brain into jello
Hope you got insurance like a gecko
Vivienne right on my earrings
Westwood I ain’t talking bout' Tim
You’re just like a bot, you dress like a sim
Prada my kicks, they cost you a limb
Can only push somebody so far
Can only push somebody so hard
Yeah face to face
What else can I say
I’m numb in the pain
It can’t be erased, yeah
You gave me just a little taste
Sip up in my cup
Think that’s what love is
But now that I’m gone
You can’t get over it
Because I’m the only one (I'm the only one)
Can only push somebody so far
Push somebody so hard
And you tryna' play with my heart
Play me like a guitar (play me like a guitar)
And I had to get some distance
Keep on pressing spacebar (I had to get some distance, keep on pressing
I’m not feeling so good, I’m talking mentally
These niggas don’t wanna' see the best for me
I had to recognize their energy
Niggas started treating me differently
Woah, woah
Woah, ah ah
Woah, woah
Woah, ah ah ah

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