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Baby Don't Love You

Baby Don't Love You

The Koffin Kats

Love was hot like a burning forest fire
But it soon felt more like an acid bath
Spent all your money tried to keep her happy
But her eyes were looking always somewhere else
Hey, I tried to say «stay away from her»
Evil was in her eyes
Your baby don’t love you no more
Take some words from me
Love is not so great
Fly like an eagle now
Your baby don’t love you no more
Life took a big s*** on your head
But you can’t say I didn’t tell ya so
The b**** was born to run wild
And you’re too damn slow to even keep up
Don’t you worry
We’ll find ya another
Where there’s one there’s always a hundred more
That’s not true but I thought it’d make ya happy
And I’m pretty sure you’ll always be alone

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