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Baby Don't Like

Baby Don't Like

Big Daddy Wilson

Baby don’t like no hand me down
Baby don’t like to fool no clown
Baby don’t like no messin' around
Baby don’t like me to go down town
Ain’t gonna do it
My baby don’t like it
Ain’t gonna do it
Cause my baby don’t like no
Baby don’t like to be in no rush
Baby don’t like no fight no fuss
Baby like that hoochie coochie stuff
Baby don’t like me to talk to much
Ain’t gonna do it
Cause, my baby don’t like it
Ain’t gonna do it
Cause my baby don’t like no
Well I feel so good
In my baby’s arms
I’m gonna stay right here
In my baby’s arms
And if I go some were
I won’t stay to long
Cause I feel so good in my baby’s arms
Baby don’t like to be in no crowd
Baby don’t like the music to loud
Baby don’t like no techno
Baby just likes my blues show
Baby like to hug and cuddle up to me
I like the way that little girl do me
Take your time baby
You can scool me
Like Bill Whiter says: You can use me
(, met herhaling van backings en tussen door praten)
(, backing 1 scat en lead zingt door)
(, backing 1 scat, backing 2 zingt de herhaling en lead praat er tussendoor)
(, zonder muzikale begeleiding)
All night long, all night long, all night long ()

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