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Baby Don't Worry

Baby Don't Worry

Mia Gladstone

Might not be true to you
That shit fulfills me
Recording in my sleep
Faded off papers
Tobacco kills all your savings
Medical cannibas calming
Cannot afford my prescription, oh
Don’t worry, oh
Don’t be embarrassed, babe
Live life too carefully
Miss opportunities
Protecting yourself from nothing
Nobody out there is watching
Look after your back, have caution
Don’t let it keep you from stardom
Don’t worry, oh
Baby, oh
Don’t worry, oh
Put all your worries behind you
Your glorious soul moves
So beautifully when you are free
To paint you a picture
You’re gold like the summer
When you let your guard drop
Feel sweet release
My pride is overdue
Took years of staying mute
Ain’t share my point of view
Every time I contemplated
Sharing what consumes my mind
My reservations kept me tied, oh
Don’t worry, oh
Baby, oh
Don’t worry, oh

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