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Baby Faced Killer

Baby Faced Killer

Bryce Ayers

I used to give a fuck
Back when I was much younger
I used to brag a lot my tummy stuffed
Now I feel hunger
When my bro dropped his Glock
I went and got it for my brother
A baby faced killer
2 grand from grandmother
They all told me «Get a job»
But I ain’t plan to do that
And What’s the point of school
If I’ve never been a student
Now my girl be getting mad
Think I’m gonna lose her
But if she loses me
Than she’ll be the bigger loser
Got these bitches on my ass
No problems with the poodle’s
I’ve always been a nice boy
A cutie that could move her
See the pictures I’ma viceroy
Got the proof to prove It
It’s why they on my ass
Cause unfriendlys cause is ruthless…

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