Truth Will Set U Free

1Love 2012

Truth will set you free
Stood before the morning light
Traces of my tears again
More you try and see
More the circle secretly
Chasing empty signs of life
Theres something haunting me

So dont take away
Dont hide away
Let water find its own level
So dont take away dont hide away
Sometimes I wish the sky would gently
Guide its arm towards us

Do you think someone
Could ever really touch
The soul of the earth
Or would it crumble?

Set you free
Truth will set you free

Dream a place
Where theres no more crying
Where theres no more hiding
No cruel maligning
Shepards star surviving
Set you free

I believe you can really touch the soul of the earth
It will not crumble
You are beautiful just the way you are
Truth will set you free my brother
Truth will set you free my sister