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Loving on Petrol

Loving on Petrol

Ajda Pekkan

Don’t give me a diamond ring cause that’s not what I need
Just give me some gasoline and you’ll fill up my dreams
When I think I’m running out my whole inside goes out
So don’t talk of precious gems just give me liquid gold
Caviar is not my style and champaign is not my game
But I have had the taste of oil and it’s flowing through my veins
What good is a silver ounce when you don’t have the gas
Let me have enough to go and our love is sure to last
Loving on petrol, loving on petrol
Flowing, blowing, rolling, going one way to heaven
Loving on petrol, loving on petrol
So hot don’t stop, come and make me happy forever
The wheels are turning, energy is burning
If we found a well than we could share it all together
Loving on petrol, loving on petrol
Just step on the gas and watch the whole wide world go past
Once I had a wealthy man and he was good to me
I left him for somebody else who satisfied my needs
Every night I go to him and don’t you know for free
He gives me hard chased oil and makes my life complete
Yesterday I read the news, the oil supply is short
So I got to get it all before maybe there is no more
We’re so close to empty now that soon will have to stop
So let’s get another tank while the motor’s running hot
Loving on petrol, loving on petrol
Nothing could be nicer than our loving on petrol

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