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Maybe Someday

Maybe Someday

Sharon Cuneta

Maybe Someday
I can’t forget
The way it used to be
How could you and I become
Just a memory
The gentle smile, the warm embrace
I need them more each day
So close to me, but far away
Is there really nothing left to say
I can’t remember
When you weren’t in my life
Was it like today
When the nights are cold
And nothing seems so right
Is it over now, should I just let go
Can it ever be the same
You’re all I want and all I need
Won’t it take away the pain
Maybe someday
You’ll realize that you belong with me
And look into my eyes again and say
Baby I’ll stay
And this time it’ll never end
Maybe somedy
You’ll be there
And I start to live my life again
The way I did before
Then you’ll hold me tight
And you’ll never let me go
We had a lot of dreams
Made plans along the way
And I believed you when you said
Forever you would stay
Now I’m all alone looking just for you
Wondering if you miss me too
I still dream of only me and you
Is there nothing I can do
Chorus 2x
When I was holding on tight
Why’d you have to go?

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