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Defiled and Raped

Defiled and Raped


dark corner guarded by night
I’m haunting you to fullfil my wish
disguised and armed, waiting for you
to rape your body and abuse your soul
your fingernails are grating my skin
bloodcurling screams are begging me on
your killing glace is raising my greed
your cold sweat satisfies my thirst
no relief, no escape
no salvation
defiled and raped
your cries for help will never be heard
now call my name and pule for mercy
try to resist, try to get away
your end is near, accept your fate
see my cynical smile, you’ll never forget
and my greedy eyes which are disporting
you’re squirming below for nothing
you got no chance, too bad
no relief, no escape
no salvation
defiled and raped

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