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Hounds of Bairro

Hounds of Bairro

Animal Collective

Take care with that mission because this stuff lasts
Limbs that get hacked won’t just grow back
Plans will make or break this old plan
Beware of those itches because once it’s passed
You can’t go back
Up till now it’s
Just been dreams
Where it’s been seen
A genesis
Moves up again
The premise sounds
The promise brighter
A narrow view
Has been recycled with
Get it right
As the moment closes in
Time runs out
As the moment closes in
Magical creation
Take care
Think it through
When this pup grows savage who knows
How to forecast when no wind blows
Could be any day now
Beware tension grows
No big deal
How to go care
On this team
Ourselves the same
Our wretched vexed
With reckless
And should a gambit
Throw the game
A hard reset won’t clear the board
Can’t fix us
We’re broken
Big dare
Make it move
Have a window
Keep it local
Take a turn
And pass the focus
Being only systems
Don’t laugh
Skin and bone
Sand and steel
Up till now
It’s just been dreams
Where its been seen
A genesis moves up again
The premise sounds
The promise brighter
A narrow view has
Signs speak out
Like a sticker on the hood
Almost there
Like a sticker in the mud

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