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Don’t come around here
You don’t want it like that man
Stand up for the man of the year
Mango they call me a badman
Bad bitch on my dick I’m a bad man
No snitch in my clique I’m a bad man
Flux to your front door I’m a Badman
Nah they don’t want war with a Badman
6- 3 165 pound
Red head dub getting it right now
So good that they all wanna rip my sound
Do it better than me? Like how?
Only send for me cause it’s promo
Looking at my life like hashtag FOMO
Keep your butter face bird on the low low
Bigger sound now that I’m solo
I keep wet moths on the guest list
You’re not from here, you won’t get this
Slang record, Dublin I rep it
Disrespect ye get a death wish badman
Everybody knows I’m a Badman
From my head to my toes I’m a badman
Every head at my shows is a badman
Stay letting em know your Badman
When they see me they sound the alarms
Keep three stripes down my arms
Connects from the 'mun down to the Barn
So just know you’ve been warned
Bottle of Henny and our fathers
Black tracksuit and balaclavas
Lobster platters just for starters
Nobody doing it larger
They said my voice deep for a white guy
Loving my vibe but just know I might get boom boom brown down now with the mauy
Make a gob shite go night night
Dublin made me a Badman
I can see you’re fake and shady Badman
No your not gonna shake me Badman
I even call my ladies Badman
We all know who the fuck you are
Shut your mouth and don’t fucking start
Talk the talk but don’t look the part
Hands on sham get him up the yard
New flow and they’re loving it loving it
New school got the city now we running it
Middle fingers up to the government
Test us better come with it Badman
I can back it up when I’m cocky
Clothes blacked out like I’m Roccy
They know the time when they clock me
Spark a rollie and watch me, Badman
I’ve been on my P’s & Q’s like a Badman
Down since P’s & Q’s like a Badman
So watch your P’s & Q’s with a Badman
And watch who you’re speaking to I’m a bad
Here, I’m not even from your area
But it’s like I run your area
Chat slick and I’ll come your area
On your road like where ye? Badman
Hang with mad yokes and wet yokes
All asking me where did I get those
Red yokes under my fresh clothes
While you’re dressed out of Tesco’s Badman
So pull up the track man
Mango going in like a Madman
One time for the Mathman
Put up your hands if you know you’re a Badman

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