0510 ENT 2013


Too much energy, no time for play
I touch more pussies and parts than 4play
I'ma dig deep
and get u if u think u a sick rat(secret)
I'm a sick cat , i deal with sick cats
Call me margin boo, eat niggas like they sweets yeah
Nigga u think u fly???
Then i'm a fucken doom
No drugs, brad still high over the moon
All i do is spit truth.... Aggressive like a pitbul
Brad be the shit, everybody knows that
I'm a mother fucker. ur mum knows that


This is the beginning of amagadon civil war
monsters on the lead
what the fuk is going on? guess what
i'm in your imagination
the monsters we're the leaders of the nation
gimme k I'm honoured to ignite the flame
niggaz tryna improve,but they're still the same
if your dad is still stupid nigga dats your fate
i spend my time shifting forms
i wear a crown on my head
i'm a host to the music
a ghost to the niggaz and a threat to the state
i killed all my parents 'cause they tried to abort me

Silver Dragon

Am monstergot em sevens outam ready 2 torturegrab it blast itand lay u in a casketi spit fire ya niggas flow wit match sticksfire i am blazingunderground kingi be chilling inda basementhiphop ambassadorcruizing around spacend i dnt see no challengerlukin down 2 earththe rapgame is full ameturesdevilpriest!Tel this mathafukaswho the Dragon isLord of the japaneseam the prototypethe last 1 of my kind4rm a unkwn planet scientists neva find
producin rymes like williams
got blood on my mindnd ua vein is the signgota drink sumthn devine*hau*!!
barknou is the tymgot the world in my headif i move it,evrynbody scared,nd if go crazy then evibody dead

Super Star

Listen: Pubic hair is red my dick is on fire, Respected by these niggas bitch call me Sire
Alot of ya'll whak looks like ama hire
you say you the shit? My nigga im the flyer
Flow so illy #cough# i just coughed, #pause# damn i just paused, im a monster i tell you i got my horns right, Star never seen evil so bright, Tipsey at the back are you ready for this fight, Bullrock in the shadow he is something of the night, Kayg my nigga Vegans Unite, yeah i said boy Vegans Unite.


Era of the Dungeon Dragons
Evo From a Viper straight to a Votron
Mind of a Hunter eyes of a buffalo
Move like a Panther Deoxy of a gangsta
Ma voice on steroid that I make noise
Tough as a horse which khat is ma main course?
Rap's game Frieza the rest are Guinea Force
On fire khats you can call me liquid nitrogen
Make a nigga cool down blaze like a Mexican
Stab you on the heart with a bottle of Heineken
Extra eyes like a head an Alien
Eject my self with a drop of Hydrogen Peroxide
Burst into flames resurrect as a dina source
Clause like Vega the boy is an animal
Chemical monster rap's game Phineas
"What you doing"
Killing emcees got em eyes of paranasource
So ya'll nigga go feel me like a dick in a gina


We the Monsters
Blood of the dungeon dragons
We the Masters Creatures
From hell we broke the boarders
We the Judas
Sell you to the highest Bidders
We the Masters
Self made we take no orders